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About Orange Capital

Orange Capital and its partners have worked together to raise more than 500 million in capital. We have assisted numerous companies with becoming publicly traded corporations on U.S., Canadian and European stock exchanges.

Our staff of investment professionals, collectively, have more than 100 years of experience in investment banking. In addition to our professional staff, Orange Capital has a network of investment partners and market collaborators throughout the world. This enables us to provide expertise in many industries and access capital in every corner of the world. Our history of extensive financial and public company experience, allows us to provide custom solutions for the companies we work with.

In addition to providing access to capital, Orange Capital is able to provide expertise in accounting, business development, capital market management, debt and equity financing, investor relations, sales and marketing management and strategic planning.

Using our experience in these areas, we can provide a specific solution to meet our client's needs for strategic opportunities and growth management. We work from the beginning of the process, pre-IPO, to the end, providing market support to expedite the growth of our clients.